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Feeding Therapy

Feeding and eating isn’t always easy for kids. A pediatric feeding disorder can be difficult for the entire family. We are here to minimize its effects and make eating a fun part of your day again with specialized therapy that slowly introduces new foods or eating/swallowing patterns. 

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Mealtime Should 
be Fun.

Does your child fight with you about what’s on their plate? Do they only eat a few foods? Is it hard for them to even sit at the table?

If mealtimes are painful instead of playful and your child is having a particularly hard time eating, there may be more going on than just “picky eating”. Feeding Therapy can help. At Gladstone Speech, we address the root causes of these difficulties, and develop personalized and comprehensive goals to create positive and safe feeding experiences. This may range from learning how to chew or drink, to expanding their food repertoire. 


Your child deserves to enjoy eating. Your family deserves to have pleasurable mealtime experiences together.

**For chewing and swallowing problems related to myofunctional difficulties, please refer to: Orofacial Myofunctional Treatment.

What do Feeding Difficulties Look Like?

While this isn’t a comprehensive list and can’t diagnose your child, it can give you an idea of what may indicate a feeding difficulty:

  • Difficulty transitioning from breast/bottle feeding to solid foods

  • Food refusal, limited food repertoire, or avoidance of whole food groups

  • Stress during mealtimes

  • Gagging, choking, or vomiting during meals

  • Difficulty chewing and swallowing (can be taking forever to chew food or does not chew food enough!)

  • Difficulty drinking from a straw or a cup

  • Messy eating - food or drink falling out of the mouth

  • Underweight/slowed growth

If you’re concerned about any of these or you just feel like something isn’t right, contact us and we’ll set up an evaluation!

What do picky eaters look like.jpg
What do picky eaters look like.jpg

How we can help

  • We assess and determine needs for every client

  • We recommend the ideal tools and environment for ideal positioning, mouth play, and approaches to improve and encourage tongue movement, chewing, and drinking

  • We provide opportunities and strategies for families to expose their children to new foods gradually and safely

  • We collaborate with other professionals that are working with your child (pediatrician, OT, nutritionist, etc.). We have a large network of referral partners. 

  • We make eating fun again for you and your child! 

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