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Speech and Language Services

Most people think of speech therapy as fixing the “r” sound, but it’s so much more. The term “speech” therapy usually includes language therapy, which includes everything your child says, reads, writes, and understands.

Our speech therapy services cover much more than just the “r”!


Speech Therapy

Clients learn how to produce speech sounds that are age-appropriate. This can include an array of deficits including apraxia of speech, motor planning delays, and more.

**For Oral-Motor concerns, please refer to: Orofacial Myofunctional Treatment.

Language Therapy

Language is all around us and isn’t just about speaking. Language therapy covers listening comprehension, vocabulary building, producing sentences, word retrieval difficulties, and more.

Image by Charlein Gracia

Social Skills Language Therapy

While we don’t typically think of social skills (also called pragmatics) as part of language, they are!


At Gladstone Therapy, we explore these skills through play-based therapy, role-playing, and problem solving.

We often address this aspect of Autism Spectrum Disorders and Social Communication Disorders.

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